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  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is encapsulated in four words:
    "Commitment to Customer Satisfaction"
    This commitment translates into diligent efforts on our part to provide our customers with quality products and services, which means goods that don’t come back, and customers who do”. By this commitment we seek to expand our customer base by developing new customers, we seek to contribute to the enrichment of human experience, and by this commitment we also seek to quicken the process of human progress.


    We hold the view, consonant with our philosophy of Commitment to Customer Satisfaction, that our business is not determined by our company’s name, statutes, or articles of incorporation, but by the want a customer satisfies when he or she buys our product or service.

    Our mission therefore, does not end when we provide the motorist in Ghana with a vehicle of his or her choice, at the best price nor under most considerate payment terms, when and where he or she wants it. Our responsibility continues with a customer-centred back-up and skilled maintenance and repair service.

    We do this because we appreciate the fact that our Customer’s vehicle does not only satisfy a physical, tangible need; it also sends a message to the neighbours about himself or herself. By showing sensitivity to the total needs of our customers we are able to accomplish our mission.

After Sales Services

Can handle all of your auto
repair services including:

- Complete Computer Diagnostics - Complete Safety Analysis- Drivability Problems- Tune-ups- Oil Changes- Tires- Brake repair specialists All services >

Working Hours:

Mon - Thurs


7:30am - 12.30pm






7:30am - 12.30pm






10:00am - 2.00pm (Sales)



9:00am-2.30pm (Workshop)