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  • The term survival is compatible with new growth; survival without life is a contradiction in terms. We believe that growth is not only desirable, but essential. “Grow or die” is an accepted axiom.

    Through the years, as a result of continually improving upon our distinctive competence in giving practical meaning to our philosophy of customer satisfaction, we have grown in stature and status.

    After its incorporation in 1965 with a staff of less than 50, the company opened a branch at Tema to assemble Datsun pick-ups from imported completed-knocked-down (CKD) parts, and also to build bodies designed by Nissan Motors Co. For the market-popular mini bus. In 1970 a second assembly line was added to Datsun 120Y saloon car. At that time these two models were the cream of the crop of models produced by Nissan Motor Co.

    The two assembling lines were closed down in 1980, after the Ghana Government, on the recommendations of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as part of their aid-package withdrew tax concessions hitherto instituted by the government of Ghana to protect local employment at local manufacturing enterprises. The facilities were subsequently modified as vehicle service workshop and bonded warehouse for the Shipping and Clearing Department of our Company.

    In 1975, another branch was opened at Tamale, and in 1995, the Kumasi Branch was opened. We expect our newest branch, Takoradi now on the drawing board, to open at the beginning of the next millennium. Japan Motors now has a staff of about 288.

    The growth process necessitated new strategies, and induced the birth of new companies, independent of Japan Motors, which also acquired their own shareholders, Boards of Directors, and Managements. And so were born new Companies which owned their existence to Japan Motors.

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