Frequently Asked Question

The prices reflect the value of “genuine” parts and should not be compared to non-genuine / imitation parts. Additionally, all our parts have warranty on them (T&C apply). Also, genuine parts have a longer life span and are designed to take the stresses and demands of the vehicles for our markets. Non-genuine parts might be cheaper but you buy 2 or 3 of the same part instead of 1 genuine one for the same mileage used.

Non stock items (slow moving parts) usually take a long period to arrive but stocked or commonly ordered parts take about three weeks to be delivered by Air freight from the factory parts center. Sea orders take an average of 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Vehicle Off Road (VOR) orders will be delivered within 10 days as they have a picking priority at the factory parts center whilst normal air orders will be about three weeks. Depending on the nature of part in question, additional cost could vary between 10% to 30%.

This question is too general as we are unable to determine which parts unavailability the person is talking about. We have over 90% of routine maintenance parts in our stock for immediate supply.

How long does it take? Yes, we do. About one to one and a half hours. Bigger cars such as the SUV’s may take a bit longer.

We do not actually charge for repair estimates. It is actually taken as a deposit against repair. This is to ensure the commitment of the customer for the repair work when approval is given either by the insurance or the customer. If the customer does not return, then the charge is taken against the work done in preparing the estimate i.e. diagnosing, identification and pricing of needed parts, compilation of the estimate in terms of parts & labour, typing the estimate then signing and e-mail to the customer.

Yes, you can. Provision is made for walk-in customers. However, to ensure prompt attendance to the repair work, booking for appointment is requested. About 25% of daily work admission is allocated for walk-in customers.

About 2 hours. However, priority is given to customers with appointments, then the workshop load on first come first serve basis, not forgetting the availability of the needed spare parts.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do.