Aumark TX is equipped with a Lovol 4JB1 engine and other advanced technologies. The vehicle’s digitally controlled, common rail direct injection diesel engine is based on the BOSCH ECU module. The engine is powerful yet environmentally friendly with a great fuel economy. It was constructed with new, special materials resulting in a noticeable increase in durability. The Aumark TX is the perfect choice for customers seeking high-end technology and a reliable performance.

AUMARK TX WORLD – CLASS TRUCK FROM FOTON & CUMMINS AUMARK TX Light-duty trucks are durable and reliable due to integrated, tried-and-tested European technologies.

Isuzu Technology

This model features a high-end Isuzu transmission system. Its weight has been optimized and it allows for a smooth shifting experience. The engine includes the latest generation of turbochargers for reduced vibration and reduced engine noise The engine also features the new VE pump technology, which keeps costs at a minimum and accepts a wide range of oils.

Ergonomic dashboard

The dashboard was designed with usability and accessibility in mind. In-dash controls were made user-friendly for everyone to understand and operate.

Reading Light

interior reading lights, interior lighting soft lighting protection

Storage Space

The whole car ample storage space, easy debris storage.

Power Windows

Traditional crank handle bar levers have been upgraded to power windows for safety and ease of use.

  Cabin Single row seat tiltable
DImension Overall dimensions (LxWx H)mm 5995X1900X2260
Inner dimensions of cargo body (LxWx H)mm 4230x1810x380
wheel base (mm) 4x2
wheel track (front/rear) (mm) 1
Min ground clearance >181
Weight Curb weight (kg) 2510
Rated payload (kg) 3800
Person in cab 2
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 6310
Performance Max speed (km/h) 95
Max slope of climb (%) >30
Fuel consumption (L/100 km/h) <12
Min turning diametre (m) <14.5
Engine Type Four cylinder, in-line, turbocharging, middle cooling
Displacement (L) 2.771
Rated Power (kw/rpm) 76/3600
Rated torque (N.m/rpm) 225/2200
Gearbox Model 5-26
Speed ratio 1:5.594,i2:2.814,i3:1.660,i4:1.000,i5:0.794,iR:5.234
Clutch Type single disc, dry type, diapharm springl ℘250 ℘ 160
Axle Type/Main reducer ratio Whole banjo type, Spreed ratio/6.142, use 4tons rear axle
Suspension Front suspension / leaf spring number non-independent suspension, leaf spring 7
Rear suspension / leaf spring number leaf spring non-independent suspension, with auxilliary leaf spring, 5 + 4
Steering Gear Type Mechanical circular ball
Braking system Service brake Front disc, rear drum (hydraulic dual circuts)
Parking brake Central drum brake
Auxilliary brake Exhaust brake
Wheels and Type Size   6+1 /7.00r16
Rated voltage 12V
Electric Device Battery 80Ah
Fuel Tank (L) 120 (Aluminium)
Basic Equipment Silicon oil clutch fan, Rivet frame, Adjustable steering wheel, Hydraulic operation with clutch booster, central drum brake, exhaust brake, power steering, radio
Optional Air Conditioner